About us

We are a family business which has been operating in the line of TSL since 1992.

We ensure the best quality of provided services. Our motto is to think globally and act locally. We are true to this principle since the foundation of our company. Over the last 20 years we have felt responsible for our work which results in our customers’ full confidence in us.

We work in accordance with CMR convention as well as Polish Transport Law.


“Agencja Celna LEX – -Danuta Frańczak i spółka” spółka jawna
ul. Składowa 5
10-421 Olsztyn
Nip: 7391009686


    Biuro Spedycyjne w Krakowie

      Tel. (+48) 12 296 54 80

      Biuro Spedycyjne w Olsztynie

      Tel. (+48) 89 538 09 18