Specialist transport

Heavy Haulage

We are able to provide comprehensive transport of abnormal loads. We can organize road transport of building machines as well as metal constructions. Our subcontractors have fleet of specialist trailers which are able to carry all kinds of oversized or heavy goods.

Refrigerated Transport

We can provide temperature controlled deliveries to every European country. Temperature controlled, chilled and frozen consignments are shipped in modern, high specification refrigerated trailers all of which are fitted with thermographs to monitor and record the temperature of the goods. We specialise in time-critical loads, particularly within the fruit, dairy products and processed foods industry, although we also transport meat, frozen or fresh.

Dangerous Goods Transport (ADR)

We can offer transport vehicles authorized for ADR transport. All such consignments are carried out in accordance with the European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road.


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